Who is Rick Raddatz and Why Should You Care?

Rick Raddatz is a seriously brilliant, famous Internet Marketer who is most commonly known for his awesome ability create online tools which automate your business.

Rick Raddatz, Creator of Profit Profit ProfitRick was a technical executive at Microsoft from 1988 and 2000, where he often met with Bill Gates and other high-level executives. As part of his job, he consulted with CIOs at over 100 Fortune 500 companies.

I met Rick through a Money+Marketing event I helped plan called The Capital Factor. He was a key speaker and host so we got to spends lots of good time together. I can honestly say Rick is the epitome of “good people” who show up in the world to do “good things”. A great mentor for many people which is why I just have to let you know about him today!

I found a great YouTube video where Rick Raddatz speaks for just over a minute about a KEY way to view the whole Internet Business world… (It’s a great watch!)

If you are a serious business owner online, then Xiosoft is for you. I have personally used Rick’s “Instant Teleseminar”, “Xiosoft Audio” and “Lead Generator” products. It takes the “tech” out of the process! You can create your own one-page landing page in 15minutes. You can setup and promote your own teleseminar within 5, maybe 10minutes. You can make decent bucks running a teleseminar series guys.

Rick launched a cool FREE product called BizPad. It is an online workspace that is incredibly simple and effective.

His is also launching a massive online effort called Profit Profit Profit.

And the main reason I wanted to bring Rick Raddatz up to you today was for his new 100 Post “BizTips” series that he is publishing on Facebook. You can visit Rick’s Facebook page here. I’ll re-post 3 of his tips here so you can get a taste for it:

Biztip #2 of 100: Rank all the people in your business life from most important/energy giving to most time-wasting/energy sucking… Then draw two lines. Send everyone above the higher line a present. Send everyone below the lower line packing.”

Biztip #5 of 100: Fire (in a nice way) any employee that feels they are unfireable and acts that way. Do it on your schedule, but do it. In small business the most common example of this is the first assistant that you hired who now runs the whole business. After that unfireable employee is fired you will discover al…l kinds of things (good and bad) about your business.”

Biztip #7 of 100: Right before you do something great you will feel the most stupid… the most at risk… the most wrong… Why? Because that’s when you’re outside your comfort zone — outside of your experience. And 9 times out of 10, when you’re outside your comfort zone, you’re doing something stupid, risky and… wrong! But that 1 time in 10, that’s when you get it right and WOW you just changed everything.”

Long story short, Rick is someone to follow and keep tabs on what he’s up to. You’re probably wondering why I’m giving him all the attention. I am just the type of person that loves to share when someone really cool comes along. He has an *amazing* wife and kids. In the 4-5 years I’ve known him, he’s just an all around good guy to know.

Up to you now with what you choose to do with this information. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Who is Rick Raddatz and Why Should You Care?

  1. Aaron Kravetz

    Thank you for the resources, Amber-truly appreciated. I too have followed Rick for awhile and though he is not aware of it he is one of my internet guides! For all you folks out there if you have not yet made Rick Raddatz a resource, do yourself a favor and take a little time right now to check him out!
    Having stated the above Amber also offers you many layers of guidance on her pages and through her blogs.Don’t rush by, relax and take a few minutes to listen to her and receive a wealth of wisdom and opportunity!

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