What is Pinterest and How to Use Pinterest for Business Exposure

Pinterest is the latest, greatest social network. It is one of the faster growing social networks and is said to already be bringing website owners more traffic than Google+ and LinkedIn.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network that allows you to “pin” cool images to a virtual corkboard-type setup on your wall. The home page acts as a giant feed of images that are being posted on Pinterest to show you the latest activity. They have developed a browser add-on button that allows you to be on any website (except Facebook, I’ve discovered so far) and be able to click the “pin it” button to add images to your Pinterest profile page without having to be on that site.

My opinion?

At first I thought, oh man, another social network. But as a focused online business owner, I wanted to give it a chance and dive right in. Hey, if it can help me spread my message to the world faster, why not? So I registered for an account (caution: they’re on a bit of a wait list but get on it anyway). I am only getting started but I *already* see the potential for business owners.

I have created a few “boards” already: Pure Inspiration, Bucket List, How To Help for Online Biz Owners, Books Worth Reading, Products I Love. I only have a few images as you’ll see but I have many more I need to pin up.

I think this social network is going to be addicting, powerful in terms of expanding your reach and influence online, and has the potential to do wonders for online entrepreneurs.

The strategy?

First of all, I can already see the online world turning MUCH more “visual”. All over Facebook I’m seeing graphics with quotes, text, etc. and they are getting the most Likes and Shares. So Pinterest IS a network to get on.

I plan to start designing a series of images and posting them on my site and for blog posts. You want to create images that are cool so people want to pin them to their boards. The more images you create that get pinned, the more exposure you will get and that web traffic will come back to your site. Then it’s up to you to have a great website that will capture leads and make sales.

When you pin your own web pages to your Pinterest account, here’s what I suggest: Add a cool image to the pages you want to expose on your Pinterest account (that is how you pin the page to your account – through the image). It needs to be a cool image to generate interest and get people to then pin it on their account or comment on your image.

As you “pin” the image to your board you are allowed to add a description AND links. Check out this example to see one Facebook Profile Banner Image I added. Check out the description and see how I added a link at the bottom of the post to drive that traffic back to my site on a particular page.

The KEY is to add as many neat and interesting images as you can find. I want someone clicking around on my Pinterest boards as long as possible. I want them to follow me, share my images and come back for more.

So yes, I’m at the beginning stages but this is a great site with loads of potential. It’s time to get busy!

What Cool Images Am I Planning to Add?

Pin It

Pin It

Pin It

Pin It

Pin It

Pin It

Shoot me a comment below and let me know your Pinterest profile URL so we can connect!

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