Tynt Insight: Auto-Adds Your URL When People Copy Your Content

It’s free. It’s easy. It’s a must.

Tynt Insight is a company I found when searching for WordPress plugins. I was specifically searching for a plugin that automatically adds your URL to the copied content a visitor snatches. (No, I’m not an affiliate, just sharing a great tool.)

I’m all for someone sharing the goods. Some are not, and for you, there are plugins that don’t allow anyone to copy your content. They do this by disabling your visitor’s ability to right click, among other things. But, I’m all about sharing the wealth so feel free to share my content.

You do want to make every effort to protect your own content. You can setup a free account with Tynt in 30 seconds. Then you are taken to a home page that has already generated a line of HTML code for your website. You simply add this code in your footer or index file, just above the tag. From then on, anytime a visitor copies your content, a line that looks like this will be added at the bottom of whatever they copied…

content, content, content

Read More: http://insightfuldevelopment.com/unique-url-to-page-copied#ixzz0w7k47OOR

If you’re like me, you’re already smiling at the value. The user copying content CAN delete that link, but with the URL there, it is much more likely you’d get credit. Worth a shot, right?

Tynt offers much more than just auto-adding your URL though. Tynt keeps track of how many times your pages are copied, which pages, and more. It also keeps track of your images. Stats are updated daily at midnight. Also… “Insight drives incremental traffic to all your site’s pages, but niche content receives the greatest benefit – in fact some pages see lifts of up to 40% in page views from Tynt Insight.”

I thought this could really help all of you out there. If you have a different method of protecting your content, do share by posting a comment.

Also, I encourage you to Share this post on Facebook today. This is a great free tool that can help any website owner.


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