The Total Impact Series with Amber Vilhauer and Ash Ghandehari

Today I want to invite you into my mindset around the two highest uses of your time for long-term growth: blogging and strategic partnerships.

Without a doubt, blogging has (and continues to be) one of the most effective ways I’ve grown my business. Google has brought me a tremendous amount of traffic just because I consistently put out valuable content to my audience.

But possibly the single greatest way I’ve grown my business is through strategic partnerships (similar businesses referring their clients to me on a regular basis).

In fact, through just one strategic partner, I’ve been able to bring in $50,000-$75,000 each year for the past several years in a row. In the past three months, I was able to generate just over $45,000 from a handful of these same relationships.

Ash Ghandehari of Affinity 365 approached me to give a high-value training about these two topics in his Total Impact Series summit.

My 30-min video interview is available for you now… just click here to get it!

As you know, I really want to offer you value anytime I write a blog post, so I’m going to take a sec to share this with you:

  • To find partners who will send you a regular flow of customers ask yourself, “Who has the same clients as me?” If you sell coffee, connect with a bakery. If you sell clothes, connect with a fashion stylist or boutique. If you sell websites, connect with speaking coaches, book coaches, etc. Find where your customers are in bulk, then tap into that resource and create a relationship to get those people as your customers.
  • When it comes to blogging, set a schedule you can’t stray from. For example, publish a blog post every Tuesday no matter what. If you don’t schedule in the most important things in your business, they won’t get done. Let’s be honest.
  • To save time when creating content, you have to be fully, authentically you. Don’t put your marketing cap on, or try to sound perfect, or try to emulate some online guru. When you are fully yourself, and you fully trust in your voice and the way you deliver content… it will yield the highest conversion while saving you a tremendous amount of time in the development phase.

There’s always so much more I want to teach you!!! In my interview with Ash, I walk through:

  • A simple exercise that will give you a blogging content plan you can work off of for MONTHS
  • The different ways you can find strategic partners who will mega-grow your business
  • How you can structure the deal with partners to make it a win-win

… and of course so much more. It takes two seconds to click here and register for the Summit. Then, you’ll get my very specific action steps to implement these growth strategies.

My 30-min video interview is available for you now… just click here to get it!

Once you’re done learning the content please send me an email and let me know what you thought + your questions. I’m happy to answer them for free to support your journey.

With gratitude for you,

Amber Vilhauer

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