Step-by-Step Instructions for Recording Audio

Audio and Video have become very popular on the Internet in the past few years. If you are just getting started on the Internet you should read this post carefully and record Audio to put on your website or blog today!

One of the tricky things about the Internet is that you have to try much harder to create a “human presence”. In traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, people could walk into a store and *see* you, get a sense of if you are a good businessperson or not. Do you see how that is more difficult to achieve online? Then you could even kick it up a notch and add your picture AND an Audio clip.

Audio is a great, FREE, way to add that presence. But, Audio is great for other things as well:


  • Once you learn what I am about to teach you, you can start to run Teleseminars (an educational conference call). This is a very popular element to selling on the Internet. You gather a group of listeners through marketing tactics – which I will teach a different day – and then have an educational call for 45 minutes, and you can sell your product or service on the final 10 or so minutes of the call.
  • Once you learn Audio, you will never *not* use it. You will want to start posting Audio recordings to your website, blogs and maybe even in emails! You can simply use the instructions I give you below to pre-record an Audio snippet, I will teach you how to download it, then upload it to your website or blog or add it as an attachment in an email. Don’t forget in an earlier post “Are You Adding a Speaker Page to Your Website?” one of the tips was to add Audio to your Speaker Page.
  • Plus, once you learn about the Audio recording and conference call service below, you can even use the same service to record coaching or consulting calls, have recorded business calls, etc.

Ok, I’m sure you see the value. Now I am going to give you step-by-step instructions for recording Audio using a free online service that I have used (and all of our Authors at Alive! eBooks use to record Audio for their eBooks) called

Free Conference Calling Logo

For the VIDEO version of these Instructions, go to

(Click the images below to zoom!)

  1. Go to
  2. free-conference-calling1

  3. Sign up for a free account by filling out your name and primary email address into the blue box on the left side of your screen.
  4. The next screen to appear will provide you with your,
    • Dial-In #
    • Bridge #
    • free-conference-calling2

    • Moderator PIN
    • KEEP THIS in a safe place as this information is required to record your Audio clip or call.
  5. Simply call your individual Dial-In number when you are ready to begin recording. The voice prompt will ask you for your Bridge number and Moderator PIN (dial those in when prompted).
  6. Once you are given access to your phone line (instant access), you MUST dial 5* to begin recording. Start talking into the phone and when you are finished, dial 5* again to end recording (or simply hang up to finish the recording).
    • Note: If you didn’t like your recording, or made errors from the get-go, simply hang up, dial again, and start over. You can record as many audio clips as you want!
  7. To access your recording, go back to the website. At the top right of the screen, you will see a Member Login area asking for your Bridge and Moderator PIN numbers. Enter those in to the appropriate fields and click Login.
  8. free-conference-calling3

  9. Once you login, you will appear at this screen.
    • NOTE: Your recording could take up to 90 minutes to appear inside of the Free Conference Calling system.
  10. Once your recording appears, you are now ready to retrieve your .mp3 (audio file) of your recording.
    • To do this, right click your mouse on the LAUNCH ICON in the 3rd column from the right and click “Save Target As.”
    • NOTE: For Firefox users, click “Save Link As.”
  11. Save the .mp3 Audio file to a place of your choosing on your computer (I like the Desktop for easy access).
  12. Then listen to each recording and make sure that you come across clearly and easy to hear. You always have the option to re-do any recordings which aren’t satisfactory to you.

Next, you can simply go into your blog and upload the audio clip into your post, you can attach the audio clip into an email, etc. Once you get started with recording Audio clips, you will get more creative with the ways you use it.

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12 thoughts on “Step-by-Step Instructions for Recording Audio

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    Hi, interesting post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll certainly be coming back to your blog.

    1. Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer

      Sounds great! If you are looking to record audio there are a few other options you could also look into. One is Sony Sound Forge. This is a pretty easy-to-use software that you download to your computer. It’s a one time buy at $54.95 ( and they also have a free trial. The second is called Instant Audio created by a brilliant man named Rick Raddatz. This is an online service where you can record audio for your website, send an Audio Postcard to someone via email, etc. This is the best paid online option (I think it’s $1 for the first month then $29.95 after that). It’s very easy to use and designed for adding audio to the web. — I have used both of these options and — all are worth looking into for sure. 🙂

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