Reconnect with Your WHY and Experience a Profitable and Inspiring Next Quarter in Your Business

Do you remember how you can be, do, create, and have anything you want?

Think back to that moment when you first had that seedling of an idea for your business, or book, or signature speech.

Got Purpose?Do you remember how giddy you got dreaming about all of the people you’d impact?

You weren’t focused on stress about money. You weren’t focused on all the roadblocks that would get in your way of impacting all those people.

You were just focused on the burning passion inside your chest. You were scribbling notes and ideas like a madman – anywhere you could get your hands on a piece of paper.

Think back to that moment and really remember WHY you started this mission to begin with, then let that desire push you way beyond your fears and stress.

You only have one mission in the next few months and that’s to impact as many people as possible with your message. I want you to get fired up about building your following as massively as you can. Create products and programs that inspire your audience. Do the things you’ve been wanting to do for so long.

Step into that dream full force. No Guts No Glory!

I have a No Guts No Glory challenge for you this month:

Step 1. Go to your favorite social network. As a sign of your commitment to your mission to impact as many people as possible, publish this post: “I am making a conscious choice to step up and impact as many people as possible this Fall! Will you join me?”

Step 2. Grab the closest piece of paper you can and spend a few minutes right now creating a one-page remembrance document. Include:

A brief statement proclaiming your WHY. Why are you going to impact as many people as possible this Fall?

Create an outline of the things you are going to commit to doing this Fall to achieve your goal. This list could include things like blogging twice a week, doing a daily meditation, creating an eBook, developing new relationships on social media, etc.

Then, hand write this at the bottom of the page: “I am making a conscious choice to step up and impact as many people as possible this Fall! I am going to keep going no matter what gets in my way. No Guts No Glory!”

Step 3. Tape that paper to the wall right next to your computer so you can’t deny, or ignore or forget your promise to make a difference.

Join me in stretching past any comfort zones, no longer playing small, ignoring stress and roadblocks and stepping into your greatest power.
Your success starts today. Make it count.

photo credit: Flickr, godserv

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