PRODUCTIVITY TIP: Work Smarter Not Harder

PRODUCTIVITY TIP: People always feel more stress and anxiety on Mondays as well as at other blocks of time throughout the week.

I have noticed Monday’s are super busy for us in general, then email requests are strongest in the morning and late afternoon. That means, things calm down from about 11am-3pm.

By really paying attention to this, I see that I should schedule any client calls during that slower window so I am not distracted or anxious during my time with clients.

Then when email volume is at a peak, I schedule no calls so I can knock out replies without distraction which helps me reduce stress throughout the day.

Everyone will have a different schedule with unusual conflicts and challenges. By paying attention to when you’re most in demand, or when you feel most energized/creative, or even when you’re more likely to be tired — all of these insights can help you shape the perfect schedule and flow to your day!


Are you COMMITTED to working smarter and not harder?

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