New Gmail Tab Changes Causing a Frenzy for Email Marketers

A lot of website owners are griping about the new Gmail change that separates your email into preset categories (Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums).

Email marketers are emailing their lists, paranoid that their emails will no longer reach their subscribers.

Gmail Tab Category Changes

I can certainly understand this because email blasts and ezines will get lost with Gmail users who don’t know how to manage the change.

Gmail will now filter all of your emails into one of the above categories. So any ezines you’ve opted in for will go into the “Promotions” tab and get lost. Boo.

ATTN: Gmail users – Here’s How to Manage this Change

You have two options to get around this Gmail email change:

One, go to your Gmail settings and turn the new email categorization off (that’s what I did!).

Two, drag any emails from your Social or Promotions categories into your Primary box. Then they will show up in your primary box moving forward.

No clue how to do what I’m suggesting? Read this Google Help article to teach you more

My two cents on this change:

For those of you who have hundreds or thousands of unread emails in your Inbox, you’ll love this change. Email will feel less overwhelming to you.

For those of you (like me) who make every effort to keep their Inbox between 0-10 emails at any given time, this change isn’t anything to write home about. I’ve turned this feature off and am happy managing email the way I’ve been managing it. That said, if Gmail gives me a way to customize my categories or drag to reorder my emails based on my own priorities… now THAT would be sweet!

What do you think of these changes??

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