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Master the Persuasive Sales Writing Sequence!

If you are looking for a proven formula to engage new prospects and get them interested in the value you have to offer, then you’re in the right place!

Times are changing. People don’t take the time to read website content the way they used to. Add to that, everyone has something to promote or sell. We are inundated with offers and “catchy” sales phrases.

How will you stand out? How will you effectively sell yourself and your products/services?

The Common Challenge You Might Be Facing

There’s really no getting around it.

There’s the kind of writing you did to please your English teacher and there’s the kind of writing you do to motivate prospects to buy your products and services. And they are two completely different things.

Many coaches, authors and speakers have competent writing skills, but they don’t know the secret techniques for writing compelling e-blasts, landing pages, video scripts, website copy, social media posts and more.

Is your messaging really as strong and compelling as you know it should be?

Not only does good sales copy have to be engaging, it needs to move people emotionally and motivate them to take action. Meeting this demand can be intimidating, especially when copywriting isn’t your area of expertise.

The Difference a Powerful Copywriting Sequence Can Make for YOU

Let’s face it. Clever headlines, zippy one liners and hype and fluff doesn’t work in an era when people are sick of being sold to.

What does work is benefit-driven, heart-centered sales copy that utilizes proven strategies and techniques.

Fortunately, writing persuasive sales copy is about to become a much easier task for you. That’s because we have a series of techniques that will help you get the attention of your prospects and inspire them to buy your products and services.

We know how to create dynamic marketing and content copy that:

  • Builds your brand image
  • Generates leads
  • Persuades prospects
  • Powers your bottom line
  • Propels your personal success

It’s time for you to learn what we know so you can get far better results online!

Learn Top Trade Techniques from Myself and Expert Copywriter Casey Demchak

Casey DemchakI have paired up with our top (and very busy) copywriting expert, Casey Demchak, to help facilitate this training to teach you the very strategies we both know works.

Casey has more than 18 years experience writing powerful, results-oriented copy for multi-million dollar companies to solopreneurs with a passion to empower women. I have found he and I to share the exact same copywriting philosophies – the very training techniques I was taught by some of the top internet copywriters of our time.

Casey is an author, speaker and recognized expert at writing highly-effective sales copy for a wide range of industry-leading companies, coaches and speakers. He is creator of the Ultimate Sales Writing program, and author of the book, Essential Sales Writing Secrets.

Casey has a passion for helping authors and speakers discover their voice, so they can engage their audience on a deeper emotional level. He truly enjoys working closely with clients to develop concise, in-depth messaging that clearly conveys the vision and purpose they feel in their quest to help others lead more joyful and rewarding lives.

On free 1-hour training audio download, you will learn…

  • The exact sequence that will lead to more sales and better conversion rates overall
  • The single key to success when generating a headline that grabs the attention of your visitors
  • The mistakes that almost every website owner makes that is actually a big turn off
  • The best way to position yourself as the solution to your prospects’ problems
  • A better way to explain your call to action
  • Top copywriting techniques to fine tune your sales formula for website copy and product development
  • And so, so much more.

Jazzed participants already said:

“Just listened to Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer & Casey Demchak’s training! Great content! TOP TAKE-AWAY from this awesome “how-to” was keep it honest, & be myself by using my OWN voice on my pages, whether that be in emails, social media posts, or on my Fan Page here. I actually feel that I learned a LOT from this call. Thank you both soooo much!” – Donna Woods

“I couldn’t join yesterday’s live call with Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer with NGNG Enterprises (No Guts No Glory) due to illness, so I listened to it this morning. It was a great tele-seminar, and what I learned most from it was to watch the headlines of every post, stay authentic to yourself, and always double check your copy to make sure it’s consistent. Thanks again for offering this call, it was definitely worth the hour!” – CeCe

“Just finished a teleseminar with ‪#AmberLudwig‬ and so glad I did! I learned so many important tips to amp up our website, to many to list! ONE of the biggest take a ways I got was to have Human Value in my writing. I need to ensure my web site is written in the view of outside prospects looking in! Great job Amber!” – Thomas Brady

“Your traing was awesome and soooo helpful. Thanks so much. Our top take away was the focus on the heading. It makes so much sense to put the promise there and so often ours has been like the “dog days of summer” example of a poor heading! We are spinning with ideas.” – Ed&Betty Coda

“That teleseminar was truly fantastic!” – Nancy Solomon

“Amber, Great call today. I always learn so much with you. My top take away was around email marketing. I learned how important it is to make that subject line “pop” so the email will be opened with a benefit driven question or statement.” – Susan Staples

“Great teleseminar! A timely and great tip for me was having benefit-driven headlines. I put that tip to work immediately to improve the headlines in my new free ebook, “5 Keys to Healing from Divorce” that will be available on the new website Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer and NGNG are creating for After Divorce Ministries. Thanks so much!” – Renee Ettline

“And… I just got off an awesome call with Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer of NGNG Enterprises (No Guts No Glory) where I learned how to improve my on-line copywriting. It was a great reminder to BE AUTHENTIC, write with emotion and put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Write to provide value and benefit, and don’t be afraid to be confident when showing (and offering) your true self. Thanks Amber! :)” – Pamela Zimmer

“You and Casey were terrific today. Thank you Sooo much. The thing that I found most valuable and have taken away today is that I need a list of the benefits that I am selling to my audience. Holy Cow, but you were good today!!!” – Rhondda Hartman

“Anyone not on my website-designer genius Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer’s Sales Writing teleseminar missed out today! Best take-a-way? A difficult question as the whole hour rocked with great info! I guess I have to say that I never thought about sub-headlines or using them to break up longer paragraphs so that readers who just scan, can still get the story! Stay tuned; Amber has so much fun with these that she has more teleseminars in the works.” – Diane Floerchinger

“That was a great call you and Casey put on today. Loads of information I was grateful to hear and really happy to have, although I’m even more excited that I have Casey doing it for me. Yay!” – G.F.

“Today’s teleconference with Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer and Casey was loaded with tons of valuable information! I learned so much from both of them. I am forever grateful. My Best-Take-Away today has to be learning the importance of the subject line/sub-heading. Sadly, I haven’t given this area much thought but after today’s lesson, I will. Thank you so much. 🙂 p.s. Amber, you ROCK!” – Angie Melgar

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