Ian Lurie, Conversation Marketing and The On-Page SEO Cheatsheet

Today I’d like to share with you a wonderful Internet Marketing resource that I came across the other day. Ian Lurie runs a popular blog called “Conversation Marketing“.

Ian says, “After 13 years as an Internet marketer, I’ve pieced together my experiences with the technology, communications and design issues inherent in our business, and built Conversation Marketing as a rubric for good decision making.”

Ian’s writing is witty, smart and full of valuable goodies. One great goodie I found was titled, “The On-Page SEO Cheatsheet“. It’s a 2-page visual SEO guide which teaches you the top priority SEO tactics you need to learn to get ranked well in Google, Bing and other top search engines.

I printed this guide and when I read the tips I was very impressed with the depth of knowledge Ian was giving away for FREE. Impressive. I signed up for his list so I could get blog posts in my email and I think you should too.

First, go download his On-Page SEO Cheatsheet – you don’t even have to give up your email address for it. It’s a great reminder to keep by your computer desk. When you write any content for the web, scan through this Guide, review your content and make any quick changes for better SEO, *then* publish.

Thank you Ian for adding valuable content without “fluff”.

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