How to Get a Vanity URL with Google+

With Google+ out and gaining rapid interest, you may be wondering how to get a customized URL to your profile page – one that has your name or company name in the URL instead of a bunch of meaningless numbers.

This customized URL is called a vanity URL and this same feature can be achieved with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube!

Google+ doesn’t have this option integrated into Google+ just yet, but I’ve discovered a Plan B that achieves the same result. Check it out:

Step 1. Go to your Google+ and click on your name to get to your profile page.

Step 2. In the top URL bar you’ll see the link to your profile page is something that looks like this:

Step 3. You’ll want to copy the long strong of numbers only ( — this is your number ID

Step 4. Next go to and you’ll see a screen that looks like this:

Step 5. On the left field add in your desired username, then paste in your Google+ number ID (the series of number from Step 3) into the right field. Click Add.

If the username is available still, then you’ll be all set! This will give you a new Google+ vanity URL until Google comes out with a built-in feature into their social network.

Check me out:

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