Have You Thought of Facebook as Your Opt-In List Yet?

If you’ve studied Internet Marketing at all, you’ve heard “build a list, build a list, build a list!” This is sound advice. Building a list of email addresses, people that are interested in following you – this can be your greatest online asset over time. Of course you’ll want to handle your “list” with care. Don’t spam, don’t email every day, etc etc.

Follow my logic here for a moment… People are subscribing to lists less and less. Some have asked if that burst of squeeze pages, newsletter signup forms and ethical bribes (like an eBook giveaway) are going away for good even. No, I don’t believe they are.

I still sign up for people’s lists all the time. Why not?? You can unsubscribe at any time! If you stumble across a blog or website that provides great content and gets your energized you’re crazy not to opt-in to their list. You’ll get little “reminders” of that excitement plus you’ll stay current in your industry (IMPORTANT!).

Ok, so some question if the “opt-in phase” is gone – I say no. But, I do believe it is becoming increasingly harder to make an offer so irresistible that someone would sign up for your list. I’ve seen people giveaway HIGHLY valuable content: 4 social media training videos, audio clips from a mastery training series, whole books jam packed with value! This is all good as long as it’s working.

Now let’s switch gears for a moment. Facebook is the #2 website in the world with, what, 500 MILLION users? You could only hope to get that much traffic to your website right? We get friend requests left and right, and Facebook even suggests friends for us. We can then send unlimited friend requests out to others.

This is when Internet Marketers asked the question, “Does one even need a website when there’s Facebook?” My two cents is YES, still create a website! For example, this blog feeds into Facebook and other social accounts I have. But I still get a ton of traffic from Google or other search engines. That’s just additional exposure. Plus, I like having a website to express my creativity in my design, resources, images, etc. It’s not a stamped out template that is the same as everyone else. (Not to knock Facebook which is my friend.)

The question of the day is, have you thought of Facebook as your opt-in list??

If not, you absolutely should. Right now I have 600 friends on my Facebook page. I am definitely one to be selective on whose friend requests I accept. You’re probably wondering why if I want to build a following or get as much exposure as possible. Well I guess the answer is because I want “friends” that are aligned with my thinking and work. If someone can only speak in another language that’s not English then there’s no value to adding the friend. I can’t read their posts they can’t read mine. A better example would be the guys that lurk around Facebook becoming friends with pretty faces. I have value and education to deliver – so our goals are not aligned.

But these 600 friends see every single post I write. This is a luxury folks. If you constantly send out those “gifts” or post something just to post, then most likely, someone will stop being your friend as quick as they started. I log on daily throughout the week (I take weekends off) and send posts about my blog entries, about great software tools I’ve found for free, about relevant news or even inspirational posts. This way I’m constantly providing value to my friends (just as you would with an opt-in list, except on Facebook, everyone’s doing it!).

And check this out. A few ways people are using Facebook for promotion:

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Long story short all, get excited about the powers of Facebook. This can be a great marketing tool (plus it does get fun once you get about 250-300 friends!).

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