Amber: Thanks again for your hard work and vision and your team’s hard work! I really feel this is the site I need to launch my creative energy into the world in 2017. I feel like 2017 is the year I break free from what’s been holding me back. Thanks for being a part of this.

Dr. Reef Karim

“Amber is a POWERHOUSE! She gets things done with grace and ease. She worked with me on a book project and made what could have been a hard and stressful process into a self-expression and service. Thank you Amber for helping me get my voice in the world…”

Dr. Venus Opal Reese

“Amber is an unbelievable individual with experience that gives her great confidence in her consultative role. I’m building a specific website (I’m really not building it, but rather Amber is my “go to” web development advisor and ultimate guide, and the project will go incredibly well with her at the helm. I have used her for some much smaller projects and based on those results, I will always use her for my web and internet needs. She’s merely “the BEST!!”


I decided to contact Amber for a coaching session as I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of activity that I felt I needed to undertake in order to build my online career coaching business. With list building, opt-ins, blogging, webinars, branding, social media, podcasts etc. etc., I didn’t know which steps I needed to take in which order. I didn’t know where to start. This was my main reason for contacting Amber.
Amber quickly understood my business and what I was planning to achieve. She helped me to pinpoint the areas which would be most effective in building brand awareness and getting my first clients. Amber was able to help me build a robust but straightforward sales and marketing strategy which, two weeks after our coaching session, is definitely building momentum. I’m very encouraged by this, and I’m not feeling overwhelmed!
I’d recommend Amber, for sure. She’s my kind of person as she’s honest, straight to the point but also understanding. I’m looking forward to booking my next coaching session, which I’m confident will help me take my business to the next level.

Tamaan Wilkinson

“Wow, this [blog post] is excellent! I don’t have any changes to add. It’s perfect! The tone and style is exactly how I want it. Many thanks!”


Arvid Yap

Amber! Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to help me get my business on track for monetizing. I soooo appreciate your willingness to share your super-fab ideas and invest time into me so I can improve my business and start bringing some money in. I came out of our time together re-energized, focused and ultra-excited to jump on the strategies your provided. I am declaring that I will have a testimony within the next 30 days using your fresh ideas. You will be hearing from me soon, as I look forward to signing up for your Authentic Leader Academy. Thank you so much!!

Shannon M

I’d highly recommend Casey Demchak. Over the years he’s crafted many successful marketing messages for my brochures, web pages, direct mail packages and public relations materials. The result has been increased sales and greater brand recognition for all my products and services.

Sara Allison-DeRousse

“THANKS to you and your amazing talent! For anyone wanting the highest caliber of expertise and support in re-branding or launching a new website… Amber’s your first pick…. thank you AGAIN!!!!!”


This is EXACTLY why I pay you guys the big bucks! LOL! Thanks so much for all of your hard work on the membership site. It looks absolutely amazing! I AM SO EXCITED! I love you guys. And I mean that will all of my heart.

Kathy Wilson