Wow, this is something. You can feel a professional writer here from the first words.


Amber gets it right the first time. Creative and on time are just some of the experiences you will have working with her.

Jigs McHugh

Amber has supported me in three of my Collaborative books becoming Amazon International Best Sellers she has supported me and our team in our product development via coaching calls, built my and the team of collaborative authors bonus download pages, and has organised and co-ordinated all components of bringing my three books to Best selling status she is wonderful to work with, Professional, Caring and Creative. Thanks Amber for all you hard and Amazing work.

Sajeela Cormack

It was a pleasure to work with Amber. She is absolutely awesome! Amber is very knowledgeable, creative, detailed, timely, patient and informative. She takes time to explain everything in detail so that all are clear on the project and communicates frequently throughout the project. She is definitely “my get it done girl.” I highly recommend Amber.

Rochele Lawson

Amber has been a tremendous asset to my business over the past year. When I first contacted her I had ideas for things I wanted to do, but was overwhelmed by the process of getting everything done. Amber helped me prioritize my ideas, develop concrete plans, and implement the steps needed to bring my ideas to life. She is incredibly responsive to email and phone communication, and is professional in everything she does. I appreciate that she has a team of experts with skills in various areas to assist with projects as needed. Everyone on her team has been a pleasure to work with and provided value to my business. Whether I have ongoing tasks or one-time projects, I know that Amber is ready to jump in and assist. Her knowledge, skills, and perspectives on business strategy, project management, and online marketing continue to be invaluable to my company. I highly recommend Amber and her team to any business owner looking for a partner in taking their business to the next level!

Nicole Beurkens, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

“Amber is a true professional expert. She is authentic, knowledgeable, and extremely supportive and inspiring. In every area of my business that she has helped me, I have seen success. I highly recommend Amber for any of your online business needs!”

Pamela Zimmer

Thank you so much, Amber!! I’m especially grateful to you for seeing my light and encouraging me forward. That’s what drew me to you in the first place. I loved that you were already championing moving forward without fear. I knew I needed that or otherwise my website would never see the light of day.

I am so happy with my experience working with you. I also feel that you “got me”. You are intuitive and that goes a long way with me and the work that I do. I do not want to be “small time”; I want to be “big time” and I feel you would know how to help me move towards that. I would love to continue working together in coaching and further site development, whatever you recommend from here. Thank you so much again!! I am so proud!

Renee Deubner

Thank you so much for such an amazing and beautiful site! Love, Love, Love it!!! You all really created an A+++ site! I really appreciate your efforts and expertise. It has been so much fun and such a pleasure working with you all, and I plan on continuing this wonderful relationship! You all are the best!

Catherine Lucas

When I hired Amber, I needed some guidance on creating an online product to offer as a freebie. In just a few minutes, she helped me zero in on two perfect ideas. She has a gift of clarifying marketing strategy very quickly and with laser focus. Her rate was so reasonable, I was completely impressed. I’d recommend her to anyone!

Lisa Chell

I love the holy heck out of Amber and her amazing team….
I’m working my day job and creating my dream job…its a lot of work. But Amber makes it seem so easy! She’s positive without gushing; she reminds me of the importance of my vision when I’d just rather forget it and go eat a piece of pie or something. She is fiercely efficient and does so much in so little time, that I’ve questioned her business model!! But here’s her business model – she’s provides value generously. And the rest takes care of itself. She is soooo easy to work with and has an intuition that hears what is underneath all the words. And she has the courage to say things that I needed to hear and at times are REVOLUTIONARY to my thought process about my business. Though we’ve never met in person before, she’s welcome at Thanksgiving and other family gatherings. Her busy calendar is all the social proof anyone needs to validate their choice in selecting a highly sought after rock star, but you’ll always feel like her one and only.

Christine Cress