I really appreciate all the great work you’re doing. You are just amazing. You’re part of Team Ray now!

Ray Edwards

Amber: Thanks again for your hard work and vision and your team’s hard work! I really feel this is the site I need to launch my creative energy into the world in 2017. I feel like 2017 is the year I break free from what’s been holding me back. Thanks for being a part of this.

Dr. Reef Karim

Hooray! I’m delighted with what we have accomplished together and grateful to your wonderful team. People are going and looking and complimenting us. This is just the beginning.

Aaron Scott Young

Amber, you are a treasure. The quality of your listening, your laser focus and ability to see what is most important and what will move the needle is truly remarkable. I have listened to the audio you made for me on sales, marketing and webinar success THREE TIMES. Every time I learn something new (my beginner’s mind). When I listen and learn I feel not only your expertise and experience, but I feel your thoughtfulness and generosity and that you have taken the time to organize your input for me to optimize my learning and growth and SUCCESS. You are very thorough, and you have a sense of what I need to learn and develop and where I need to grow. You are a great teacher and a great coach! With gratitude and appreciation.

Dr. Nalini Chilkov

We are very happy with the site! Thank you for making our business look professional. I’m proud to tell people to go to my site. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You and your team made this a great experience, and I will tell people about how friendly and professional you are.

Lehman Riley

Amber is a very diligent person, easy to work with, very informative and was great suggestions and guidance to me as a novice author. I would recommend Amber without hesitation

Raewyn Weller

I always turn to Casey Demchak when I need high-quality lead generation direct mail, video scripts, and persuasive e-blasts and web pages that get results. He is consistent, reliable and very easy to work with.

Greg Olson

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer was, and still is, a God send to my business…and her process also helped me to grow and focus personally! She is exceptionally easy to work with and her interest in helping where you need it is very heartfelt. Add in her great expertise and professionalism and you couldn’t ask for a better partner for your business! I highly recommend her and will continue to work with her myself!

Joy Long

Amber, I wanted to let you know, I took your advice and two weeks ago hosted my first in-person mastermind that I’ve done since 2012. I had 6 people there and their minds were blown and expanded. More importantly, I felt alive and more congruent with my purpose more than I have in a long time. I also, want you know I made $1775 from that event. So I got paid to listen to you. Thank you.

AJ Amyx