Amber is amazing at taking your vision and making it a reality. She keeps you focused and expands your ideas. She helped me to get positioned creatively to increase streams of income. If you are looking for a partner that sees more and produces more ~ Amber is your woman!

Rochelle Forrest

Amber brings a clarity and ease to web design to grow your business with the latest tools. She knows her stuff and really is your “get-it-done girl!” I appreciate her business acumen, gusto, support and encouragement.

Cheryl Brewster

Thank goodness I had the intuition and good sense to work with Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer on the marketing campaign for my book launch. In a few short minutes on the phone, we nailed my bonus products and brainstormed some other great ideas I can use in the future. I could reach her any time with questions or concerns and she answered in a timely manner. I really appreciated how quickly she delivered on her promises. She made it so easy!! Thank you Amber! I’d work with you again in a heartbeat.

Lisa Chell

Well…here I sit at my desk with tears in my eyes…filled with GRATITUDE for ALL of you wonderful people for making this dream a reality and you did it with such precision, patience, professionalism and creativity!!! The words “Thank You” hardly seem enough to cover how we really feel. Meeting and working with you all is evidence that we really do attract into our lives the people and experiences that are crucial to our growth on this journey! We love you ALL!!!

Dr. Jon Porman

I found Amber after spending hundreds of dollars on two different websites. The customer service I had had before Amber made me cynical and careful with my money. I’m relieved, pleased and moving forward in my career with Amber’s help. She is punctual, and she does what she says she’ll do! I feel she is there for me, trying to give me the best service possible. Definitely worth it to contact her for help with a website question, design or strategy questions. She knows her stuff and cares!

Thérèse Ayla Kravetz

“There is one word that describes Amber – ROCKSTAR. Amber is extremely knowledgeable, organized and always goes the extra mile. NGNG has an amazing web development team who are all super professional, get things done efficiently and provide awesome service. I would not hesitate to recommend Amber for Website Development and Online Business Development.”

Kate Muker

“Amber helped me and many others co-authors become part of an Amazon best selling book. She is a true professional and expert at what she does as well as authentically good people. Definitely support her skills and recommend collaborating with her.”

Bret Warshawsky

Amber, your excitement and enthusiasm is contagious!! 😉 Excellent. Also appreciate your flexibility . . . 🙂 I totally can see how you enjoy designing these images, your work looks very, very good.

Eric Van Der Hope

Amber’s WordPress Website Development work is outstanding. She is responsive and knowledgeable and has been a great help to me in my work. Her social media branding and online business development skills will take all who work with her to the next level in their businesses.

Peggy Peterson