Amber is a total professional, very talented and on it all the time. She developed an amazing site for our firm that just keeps paying us dividends. I really enjoyed working with Amber as she is all about results and on top of her game.

Jonathan Colby

Amber has been an essential partner in building my business…a partner I consult on a regular basis…and whose guidance has always been expert and timely. I recommend her without reservation.

Tom Rubens

I am thrilled to be working with Amber and her team. I have experienced her as being very responsive and invested in my success. I love the way she structures the different parts of the process so that it comes in organized bite-size chunks and then guides you through the process. I feel confident that my needs are well understood and are in expert hands!

Ingrid Awerbuch

Thank you so much for such an amazing and beautiful site! Love, Love, Love it!!! You all really created an A+++ site! I really appreciate your efforts and expertise. It has been so much fun and such a pleasure working with you all, and I plan on continuing this wonderful relationship! You all are the best!

Catherine Lucas

“Amber, I see this whole journey as an opportunity to experience your wisdom, your creativity and your passion. Thank you for being so wonderful and I look forward to a long and successful business relationship with you!!! You are greatly appreciated.”


“THANKS to you and your amazing talent! For anyone wanting the highest caliber of expertise and support in re-branding or launching a new website… Amber’s your first pick…. thank you AGAIN!!!!!”


I’d highly recommend Casey Demchak. Over the years he’s crafted many successful marketing messages for my brochures, web pages, direct mail packages and public relations materials. The result has been increased sales and greater brand recognition for all my products and services.

Sara Allison-DeRousse

I highly recommend Amber and her expertise… she sets herself apart from the rest and is a class act!

Janine Brolly

Amber is detail oriented and very professional in all that she does. Amber and I worked together for about 6 months when I wrote monthly articles for the Conscious Diva’s website. Everything always went smoothly, and Amber was continuously supportive and accessible to me; something a new blogger like myself needed. I highly recommend Amber, as a person and as a professional.

Lisa Marie Rosati

What an awesome job you did! I [made a copy of your draft] thinking that I would be making changes, but there is nothing that needs changing. I had my husband read it to gauge a non-therapists/average person reaction. He thought it was great, and said he thinks it’s the best thing on my website. Can’t tell you how pleased I am and happy that I found you. I put off doing this for a long time, primarily because I worried that someone who is not a therapist would not be able to write something I could use. I’ve always thought of blogs as superficial fluff but this actually is informative and helpful. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.