Denver Area Therapist Finds WordPress Website Development and Online Marketing Support for Therapy Clinic

Dr. Jeff Caster is a psychologist in Littleton, CO, a comfy suburb southwest of Denver. He has a Masters and PhD in Clinical Psychology, and has been in private practice since 2005. Recently, he sought and found WordPress website development and online marketing support to help him grow his practice.

While staying current in his practice was not an issue for Dr. Jeff, he realized his website had become somewhat obsolete. He began to look for a team that offered high quality website development and design. But, that wasn’t all he wanted; he also needed help with other web services and support from an experienced internet marketer.

After performing his due diligence, Dr. Jeff chose to work with Amber and the NGNG Team because of their wide range of services and depth of experience. His first goal was that his new website would make a statement to potential clients, presenting the relaxed and supportive atmosphere that he and the staff at his therapy clinic is known for.

Newly Developed WordPress Website is Key to Effective Marketing Funnel

Before NGNG refreshed the Dr. Jeff Caster & Associates website, the message was unclear.

website design and development

Not only did we establish a new look for the website, the new web page copy he asked us to create for him gave the site a whole new feel, offering practical solutions to mental health challenges in an emotionally safe and supportive therapeutic environment.

This was Dr. Jeff’s way of helping potential clients overcome the fear or embarrassment of pursuing therapy that so often prevents them from seeking help they need. The optimized copywriting we did for him was exactly what he was looking for, and we are proud that we could help him meet that goal.

New Branding Strategy Boosts Image of Local Therapist

After NGNG redesigned and refreshed the Dr. Jeff Caster & Associates website, the brand and message became much cleaner.

WordPress website development


website copywriting

Because of the messaging and branding work we did for him, Dr. Jeff now projects a professional but relaxed image to the visitors at his website. The site does not focus on mental health problems, as so many psychologist’s websites do. Instead, the site’s message is focused on solutions that offer long-term positive results.

That positive message is reflected on many of the pages at the Dr. Jeff Caster & Associates website.

website SEO


online business development


Behind the Scenes Support and SEO Services

With the market research and keyword analysis we also performed for Dr. Jeff, we’ve been able to help him target his message far more effectively toward his local market. With well-optimized website copywriting, plus blog writing support, and on-page SEO, the message is being sent that this therapy clininc is a safe, supporitve place for families and individuals seeking therapy.

Add to that the new, more professional look of the website we designed and built for him, and Dr. Jeff is a very happy client.

We were hired specifically for:


Meet Dr. Jeff Caster, MA, PhD

“Dr. C” as he is known to patients and associates alike, has been in private practice in the Denver metro area since 2005, following his internship at the world-renowned Children’s Hospital in Denver. He also worked as a Psychologist on a staff at Children’s where he worked with chronically medically ill children and their families.

“I believe that working at Children’s provided me with the clinical foundation needed to work with the clients I have today. I continue to grow and understand my role of supporting people through the most challenging times of their lives, and I take pride in, and respect the honor given me, to dive into an individual’s life experience. I feel honored to be a part of my client’s lives and value their relationships very much.”

His therapy clinic in the suburb of Littleton is now the focus of his professional life, while he supports his family of a wife and three children.

Download our complete service menu below for pricing or contact Amber for a complimentary 30-min call to discuss your project. We hope to hear from you!

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