Customize Your Website with Fabulous Social Networking and Media Icons

A super fun way you can customize your website and show your creative side is with your pick of social media icons. An incredible programmer on my team just sent me a link to what he called, “The Motherload” – and I agree!

This website has what sure feels like an unending supply of icons for your website or blog. ANY style you can think of, any color scheme – it’s all here for the taking.

You can simply select the icons you want and then add ’em into your sidebar. Check out the super cool icons I have on my top right sidebar. 🙂

Just be aware of the ‘terms of use’ for the icons. Some designers ask for a link for credit (and that’s fair).

Here are some example of the designs available:

I invite you to share this post with others so they too can check out the motherload. It’s awesome!!

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