Build Your Online Platform: An Integrated Approach to Website, Social Media and List-Building Development

Do you have a burning, passionate message inside that you want to get out to the world?

Authors, speakers and coaches around the world are stepping up to the awesome challenge of building an online business.

If you truly want to be successful online, you have to learn how to work with all of the pieces of the puzzle which includes:

My passion is to help game-changers build their business online.

Today’s message is me needing to express that it is vital you take a strategic approach toward your online efforts and make sure everything is integrated and working together. It makes all the difference in the world in your results.

Most entrepreneurs come to me saying, “I need a website” as if once they have one the world will magically discover that person and buy from them. But time and time again I see website launches from other companies where the client is ill-prepared for the road ahead.

You must have a strategic plan for content development, product roll-outs, list-building and social media domination.

You have to come out guns blazing if you want to be  rainmaker online. This approach all starts from the day you decide you want to build a business online.

The benefit to working with someone who completely understands how these pieces work together is that you get to save a TON of time and money.

When starting a business you’re either going to spend a ton of time learning all of this yourself (that’s what I did) or your going to cut that learning curve and hire someone to help you bypass the trial-and-error you’d end up experiencing.

Tips to an Integrated Approach to Website, Social Media and List-Building Development

  • Get your website professionally designed. This is beyond critical and worth every penny of the investment. This is your store front online and if you want to attract an audience and convert them into paying customers your website has to be sharp. Not only does the design need to represent the quality of you and your expertise, but it needs to be strategically structured so you are getting RESULTS with the website. The last thing you need is to spend money on a brochure website that will do nothing to build your business. (view our website design portfolio)
  • Have your web team design and code in a branded newsletter design. As part of your marketing plan you’ll want to send out regular emails to your email subscribers. This is maybe the #1 mistake I see online business owners make. They make the effort to build their following, then ignore them. Emailing your following is how you continue the relationship, give them the education they want and create long-term clients. When you send out these regular emails, make sure your brand is a part of them to funnel that traffic back to your website and make your brand more memorable.
  • Next, make sure all of your social media accounts are designed, matching the look and feel of your website. Social media branding was originally a sort of luxury and now it is mainstream and mandatory if you want your following to look at you as the go-to authority in your industry. These are graphics that are integrated into your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ accounts. They too will drive traffic back to your website and make your brand more memorable. (view our website design portfolio)
  • Have all products designed by your go-to web team. You want to make sure everything you produce (from your blog posts, to eBooks, to products, to ezines and social media) share the same level of quality and professionalism that your website showcases. If you want to be taken seriously online this visual impression matters. When researching which web team to join forces with, ideally they would be more of a one-stop-shop to handle all of your needs. I have built NGNG based on this very philosophy so our clients don’t have to cross their fingers and hope for a good experience elsewhere. (request our complete service menu to see how we can best support you)

Do you see how taking more of an integrated approach can enhance the experience of your audience and attract new leads?

This is a recent example of a client – Consultant, Greg Gast of – who hired us for our complete setup package:

If you’re interested in getting your platform established with complete, branded integration, request our no-obligation service menu be emailed to you by filling out the form below:

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