Automatic Blog Post Updates for Facebook and Twitter?

You have so much to manage when building your business online that you are searching for ways to “automate” some of this work.

automatic-blog-updates-facebook-twitterYou probably did some research or heard about the possibility that you can automate blog post promotions – where upon publishing a blog post, you automatically have a Facebook post and Twitter tweet show up on your feed.

Yes, this can be done. The rumors are true. You can look into WordPress plugins such as Wordbooker and Twitter Updater which automate this notification to your social media sites, letting visitors know you have a new blog post.

I HIGHLY discourage this! Here’s why…

If you are browsing on social media do you stop dead in your tracks when someone makes a post that says:

Read my latest blog post:

OR when you see a post that look more like this:

Do you look at your website content and wonder if it’s outdated, boring and possibly hurting your results more than it’s helping? If so, you’re probably right!

Many coaches, authors and speakers have competent writing skills, but they don’t know the secret techniques for writing compelling e-blasts, landing pages, video scripts, website copy, social media posts and more.

To learn more about how to improve your writing for the web, click the link below to read my latest blog post. When you’re done, I’d love for you to come back and like/share this post. Also, what’s your biggest takeaway?

You see, the first example is exactly what these automated posts will look like. There will be no engaging question to draw the reader in. There will be no benefits listed to get someone interested t read you post. And there will be no real call to action inviting someone to do X next which is critical for your success.

Only a human can write a post that will get you results just as the second example displays.

I know, I know… social media seems like one of those things that you want to do less of if you can, but that’s one area in your business you can’t skimp on.

Hopefully this explanation will offer a new perspective on how to promote your new blog posts. You put much time and heart into your posts so I’d encourage you to take an extra minute to promote it really well. You’ll get far better results!

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