Risk Management Expert Seeks Help from WordPress Website Design Experts

Thanks to a referral from the business education team at Mirasee, Risk Management Expert Carol Williams approached Amber and the NGNG Team looking to revitalize her WordPress website and marketing message.

Risk management is anything but a static pursuit for an organization, at least as taught by Carol. Rather, it is a dynamic, ever-changing quest for long-term engagement and stability. With that in mind, the NGNG Design Team thought her new website should reflect that approach – with a vital and strategic appeal for the tailor-made risk management solutions Carol has to offer her clients.

While Simple Can Work, Simplistic is Often […]

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Bye bye InfusionSoft (and other tools)

2017 was challenging. We still had a top sales year, worked on so many cool projects, traveled, and enjoyed life.

The challenge for me, personally, came in what seemed at EVERY turn, the ‘old ways’ of doing things no longer worked. UGH…it was maddening!!

I changed our project management system from ProjectBubble to ActiveCollab (WOW – that system rocks!!). I can’t even tell you how much of a headache this was (think hundreds and hundreds of client projects, thousands upon thousands of tasks, and time records for each task, client notes, you name it….).

After a decade I changed our domain name – […]

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How to Repurpose Your Content on Multiple Online Platforms | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #59

Get ready for a great content strategy tip! It’s all about how to repurpose your content across multiple online platforms.

So many people get frustrated when it comes to producing content. I get it! After all, we absorb content in so many ways these days (video, audio, text-based blog posts, etc.) that it feels impossible to give people what they want. But creating and sharing content doesn’t have to stress you out or be overwhelming. In fact, today’s tip is one that can actually make your life easier.  Really!

By starting with a simple blog post, you can repurpose your content across […]

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Online Personal Development Coach Seeks Website Redesign and Business Branding Support

Too often, even when a website tells a story, it does not accurately reflect the vitality and personality of the owner. Such was the case when online personal development coach Naomi Sodomin sought help with a website redesign from NGNG.

After speaking with Naomi, Amber knew her website needed to more accurately portray the warmth and earthiness of her personality, along with the innovative and exciting approach she takes toward career and life coaching for women. It was apparent from the beginning that we had to help visitors “get to know” Naomi as quickly as possible, using new imagery and refreshed […]

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Video Marketing

Is your fear of being in front of the camera holding you back from improving your video marketing game? If you’re not taking advantage of video marketing, you probably know that you should be! You just need to overcome video fear and become comfortable on camera.

I see so many of my clients taking the plunge, and it makes me so happy! I honestly believe that there is no better way to connect with your audience. Why? Because they get to see you. The real you. This genuine connection creates much better long-term results and helps you build a bigger and […]

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Transformational Coach Seeks WordPress Website Design Experts to Transform Her Business Website

Transformational coach Jeneen Masih, had a vision for her business website: “A place for successful people to learn more about how they can take themselves from the lives they are currently living to a more dynamic and purposeful life they had only once dreamed of.”

To realize this vision, there were more than a few steps to be taken:

Sell products on-line
Sell services on-line
Event/workshop/seminar registration
Generate leads to sell off-line
Communicate benefits/capabilities
Capture newsletter/e-zine sign-ups
Improve monetization efforts

Doing all of this would prove difficult working as she was from such a monochromatic website. In consultation with Amber, it was agreed that the redesign of Jeneen’s website […]

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Branding Tip: How to Stand Out From the Competition | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #58

In a highly crowded industry with competition everywhere you look, how the heck can you stand out?!? Believe it or not, you can absolutely stand out from the competition. How? My answer might surprise you.

Be yourself!

Seriously. This might sound crazy, but it’s really not. I share many tips in the video below that I hope will help you to stand apart in your industry. But being your true authentic self is my #1 recommendation! It’s also the one that many people find the most challenging. You’ll learn why when you watch.

I’m sharing:

How to use what others are doing to your advantage […]

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Nail Your Pricing Strategy to Attract Your Ideal Client

I want to share some valuable wisdom that I only understood after YEARS of working in my own business. (This is not something people talk about very commonly, but it’s really profound if you’re ready to hear it.)

It has to do with the pricing you choose for your services, products, events and so forth. We all want to make the most income for the time we spend. We all want to help the largest amount of people. But those two “wants” compete against each other.

What I mean is, if I charge $1 for a product, I can help a lot […]

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Renowned Emotional Mastery™ Psychologist & Positivity Coach Employs WordPress Website Development Experts to Personalize & Expand Her Message

Perhaps paradoxically, reaching those who will benefit from science-based emotional training and positivity conditioning requires an emotional marketing message. Yet, while this tends to work well for individuals, reaching potential corporate clients is best accomplished with a fact-based message.

With this conflict in mind, Dr. Joan Rosenberg, PhD, reached out to those among her contacts who might have insight into how she might enhance her brand styling to match where she’s at in her business. The result: NGNG came highly recommended by multiple doctors and wellness professionals inside of JJ Virgin’s highly-respected MindShare group

When Joan approached NGNG for help with her […]

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How to Prioritize to Stay in Control

I have a question for you…

Are you (like most people) struggling to stay in control of your growing to-do list?!

Welcome to the entrepreneur club! You already know how important it is to stay in a space of passion, motivation and creativity. But that gets really hard to do when you’re trying to manage a thousand daily requests and tasks.

It never stops, does it? (I’m looking at you, email!!)

I want you to regain control so that you can focus on successfully growing your business. So, I’m sharing a great tip that will help you to stay productive while reducing stress, […]

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