Attn: Coaches! Best Process for Showcasing Your Pricing

A question I get all the time from coaches is, “Should I put my coaching fees right on my coaching page? Or keep pricing off my website and make people contact me for a quote?”

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Unfortunately, when someone knows they need help they “price shop” before they shop around for the best VALUE. It’s just a reality that you as a service provider need to accept and learn how to work around so you get a steady stream of clients.

If you offer a high-quality service then your rates will naturally be higher because of the extra time and effort you are putting into increasing that value, right? Well, if you display your coaching rates as $200+ an hour, new website visitors may take one look at your price and move on to the next coach who is only $50/hr.

The buyer isn’t fully consciously aware that a higher-value means they will pay LESS in the long-run because you get them results more quickly than someone less experienced, and thereby cheaper.

You deserve every penny for the rates you have – and frankly, most will undervalue themselves even!

So instead of displaying your rates and having potential buyers do that snap judgement and walk away, I would encourage you to try what I do.

I have invitations all over this website for people to contact me for my full service menu. I get requests all day every day from people who are taking me up on it because they see my value first before they see our pricing.

In addition, our service menu is VERY complete. It’s 20 pages long! If I just had a simple one-page rate sheet with pricing, we wouldn’t get any clients because they don’t understand the VALUE that justifies the price.

The first 7+ pages of our service menu walks someone through the step-by-step to build a professionally branded website that will get them results. As potential clients read this document they are seeing all of the extra value I add into the process of building a website – something that other providers aren’t fully offering.

The guide isn’t written in a salesy way – there is no trickery – it’s just a simple, honest account of our services – full transparency.

Potential clients appreciate that I’m not trying to show off or sell them through this process. They can read the menu on their own time and decide for themselves which menu items they would like to move forward with.

This document is great because it sells our services naturally. Our value is so apparent that I don’t need to “sell.” And more, once someone becomes a client we make every effort to go above and beyond even what we promised. That way we are surrounded by the MOST amazing clients – clients for life.

We have created a very special company with a very special atmosphere. Our team and clients feel it and we all thrive off of each other to build great online companies.

So the service menu affords you more time to continue the conversation, build and prove your value which in turn, justifies your pricing.

Also, when someone emails me to ask for our service menu, I now have their email address where I can follow up to see if they have any questions. I do not violate their trust by throwing them on my email subscriber list or bothering them. I respect their privacy and trust in me. So I follow-up once and if I don’t hear back (which I almost always do) then I assume they have gone in another direction which is OK with me because at least we gave it a shot and I know I’m not the perfect fit for everyone – just as everyone isn’t a perfect fit for the type of client we strive to have. I also believe in abundance.

On a single coaching web page, it’s nearly impossible to really show your value and what makes you different. You could try adding video explanations on your coaching page which is highly effective, but I’d still suggest you consider showing no pricing on your website. Instead, invite people to contact you for your service menu.

In that menu, add your bio, testimonials, contact information and a complete walk-through of your value and service. Take the time to do it right. You won’t believe your conversion results.

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