A Unique Approach to Online Coaching Requires a Unique Approach to Online Business Development & Website Design

A unique approach to fitness training and coaching requires an equally unique online presentation. After all, coaching is the fastest growing internet marketing niche in the world, which makes branding and messaging critical to success. This was the challenge we faced when we were approached by personal trainer and health coach Kalvin Evans, founder of Xodus Adventures.

The Xodus Adventures business model is focused on bootcamp-style training for fitness, wellness, and preparedness in Colorado, believing that, as our world changes, families need resources to cope with an unpredictable world.

After making contact through the social site LinkedIn, Kalvin first sought a website audit by Amber. She proposed that we begin working on a website refresh to boost the vibrancy of the message, along with Kalvin’s passion to help children. We wanted to feature impactful works and partnerships with non-profits, as well as developing business, marketing, and monetization strategies to increase conversions.

Marketing and Monetization Strategies to Improve Conversions

Before the website refresh by NGNG, the message was uninspired at the Xodus Adventures website.

WordPress website audit


WordPress website development

Improved imagery has increased transparency, making Kalvin a warmer more impactful presence throughout. The increased use of video has helped to personalize his message, while also showcasing his wonderful personality and eagerness to help others.

In person, Kalvin inspires trust and loyalty. Reflecting these qualities on his website was a singular challenge, requiring the use of better imagery and the increased use of video. Because of our experience, and the leadership provided by Amber, NGNG is uniquely qualified among WordPress Website Development teams to see such a need, and to provide the support to make it a reality.

New Branding Strategy Personalizes Online Fitness Coach for Families

After the website refresh by NGNG, potential clients feel welcome and inspired at the Xodus Adventures website.

marketing and monetization


website SEO

The design has far more visual appeal and ease of navigation has been greatly improved. Forms are easy to find and fill out. Contact information is readily accessible and a blog has been added to boost SEO with the publication of relevant, timely information. We added evergreen content by introducing a Work with Us Page, as well as individual pages for Fitness Training, Wellness Coaching, and Preparedness Training.

Such additions increase the amount of content for Google to crawl and index, greatly improving the odds of a website gaining ranking in the search results (SERPs).

Improved imagery and messaging are reflected on many of the pages at the new Xodus Adventures website.

online business development


WordPress website development

Behind the Scenes Online Business Development Support and SEO Services

An integral part of our WordPress Website Development Package is increased security to protect your website from hackers and other malicious attacks for greater peace of mind. We also include full training on how to manage your WordPress website, including: posting to your blog, adding and removing pages, edit existing copy, add new copy, update photo gallery, add affiliate links, add more videos, and much more.

Every website we design and develop is fully tested against 80 mobile platforms for responsiveness and presentation. In an era of mobile search and shopping, this is a critical element in the success of your business website. By offering website SEO along with our custom branding and redesign of his website, Kalvin is able to more accurately reach his target audience.

We were hired specifically for:

Meet Kalvin and Liz Evans, Founders of Xodus Adventures

Xodus Adventures is nestled in the amazing North Fork Valley of Colorado. It is an idyllic spot that offers an eclectic community with the one of the largest concentration of organic farmers and ranchers in the state. Here, Kalvin and Liz Evans have devoted their lives to helping families find health and wellness, as well as being fully prepared for shifting paradigms in our culture.

We are proud to call this valley home and want to offer the opportunity to visit us here where you can enjoy small town community as well as some beautiful scenery. This area has been known to be home to miners for generations. We honor our families here for their hard work and dedication to helping to keep the valley beautiful.

A US Air Force and NSA veteran, Kalvin believes in being physically and spiritually prepared for the changes that will come in our world. His background entails non-traditional forms of training that center around core strength, high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.), and static contraction.

Liz Evans has been a bodyworker since 2001. She teaches Callanetics Core classes and hangs tough with the Maintenance class. Liz brings years of experience, her bodywork skills, and grit to the field every day for Bootcamp.

Download our complete service menu below for pricing of our services. Or, if you’re ready for Online Business Development Support that will take you to the next level – contact Amber for a complimentary 30-min call to discuss your project. We hope to hear from you!

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