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Maybe you’re a beginner designer, or you are an author and just came out with an eBook you need a cool cover for. How can you get your design to stand out? I suggest, downloading free fonts – gothic fonts, script fonts, word fonts, handwriting fonts, tattoo fonts – all free for you to download depending on where you go.

I’ve actually researched a bit, where you can go to get free but SAFE fonts. I found a website that I now use exclusively, You can search fonts by category and view the styles without having to go through a ton of hoops. I’ve probably download a few dozen fonts from their site without a problem and today I’m going to teach you how.


The image below is a screenshot from an old white paper I wrote. Check out the font design:

Believe it or not, that’s just a font – not something I designed. See how you can set your designs apart from the crowd with simply finding a cool font?

How do you download the fonts so you can use them in your design?

Using, once you find the font you want to download (see this example for a visual):

On the right side of the font box, you’ll see a WIN | MAC . When I click on WIN, since I have a PC, A .zip file opens as a pop-up. Inside that .zip folder is the font file. You want to “open” the .zip file and you may find more than one file. Sometimes you’ll find a README.txt file, sometimes you’ll find multiple versions of the font (ya know how Ariel has Ariel Narrow, Ariel Wide, etc.? Same thing).

Next, you’ll select everything in the .zip file (PC users: Ctrl+A to select all), copy the contents (PC users: Ctrl+C to copy), then paste the files onto your Desktop (PC users: Ctrl+V to paste).

Now that our font files are on our Desktop, the download portion is complete. Now all that’s left is to install the fonts onto our computer’s C drive. Here’s the easy part of installing a font on your PC (Sorry Mac users, I’m a PC gal, you’re on your own for this part)…

This is an example of what you font file should look like on your Desktop:

All you need to do is Right Click your mouse on top of the file. A drop-down of options will appear and you want to select Install. You’ll see a progress bar and vuala! Your font was successfully installed on your C drive and holds a permanent spot. Repeat font install steps if you have multiple files and move on to the next font if you want.

Enjoy downloading your cool fonts – feel free to share links to ones you find and love!

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