How to Deal with the Loneliness of Being an Online Entrepreneur

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel discouraged or confused – looking for indicators I’m on the right track.

Yesterday I was sitting on my back porch thinking about how my business has never been better. Our team is thriving and loving the work. Our clients are thrilled at our performance and hiring us for more projects. We are up 40% over our best year ever.

Yet, I found myself looking inward and looking for validation that I’m on the right track.

You know those times?

Nothing was wrong. I was just searching for encouragement.
(Oh we humans are funny creatures…)

Being an online entrepreneur can be lonely. Friends and family don’t really understand what you’re doing or why. You so badly want to share what you’re learning or your progress – the little wins you get throughout the week. (It’s incredibly exciting when you connect with someone who does understand!)

I get it. So that’s why today I want to offer some advice to navigate this corner of “what it’s really like to be an online entrepreneur” because it’s not often talked about.

  1. I encourage you to join more Facebook Groups. Not sure which? Try “female entrepreneur” or “father” in the Facebook search bar and you’ll find lots of groups with people just like you. It’s comforting to ask questions, share stories and you’ll make friends in no time.
  2. Get an accountabili-buddy. lol that’s what we used to call it when I sold Cutco Cutlery. It’s an accountability partner. Someone you can schedule a bi-weekly call with to just check in and share vistories, ask questions and connect. (You can find this person in your Facebook Group even!)
  3. Join a meetup group. Look in your local area at or a similar site. There are zillions of events happening in your area all the time and some are just for online folks. Go mingle, make friends and forget those loner feelings.

Of course there are lots of ideas like that. But the key is, you have to make it happen. It’s no fun building something great by yourself.

And last, I want to share a secret weapon of mine.

The video below is something I watch anytime I need encouragement or just want to get a reality check to remember my greatness.



Amber Vilhauer

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One thought on “How to Deal with the Loneliness of Being an Online Entrepreneur

  1. Wayne

    Man Amber, you nailed it big time. As we see the big picture daily, we tend to work more and harder. I was jut thinking today “My life is my business”. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. All I know is that what I do is natural to me and it makes me feel good. and like you said, family and friends don’t understand what you do and why you do it.

    This was a great read and after reading it I don’t feel so alone. Especially knowing that I have a friend and mentor like you.

    Thank you.

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