“I have had the distinct pleasure of working for Amber and have kept in touch with her for nearly 4 years. Amber is a true professional and is a person of high integrity. It is unusual that you find someone with the drive, ambition, passion for her career and strong desire to help people….all rolled into one amazing person. Amber, keep up the great job…you do great things for those that fortunate to work with you!”

Jim Minter

Amber is amazing at taking your vision and making it a reality. She keeps you focused and expands your ideas. She helped me to get positioned creatively to increase streams of income. If you are looking for a partner that sees more and produces more ~ Amber is your woman!

Rochelle Forrest

“If you are considering Amber for any project, large or small, personal or business, I can save you time, effort and money by assuring you SHE is YOUR go-to-gal! AND… in ways you haven’t even thought of yet! Her spot-on skills and response time downright frightened me at times because she moves so fast I can’t keep up on my end of projects. Dynamic! Fun! Highly motivated and thunderously committed to YOUR success, she will whip your project into shape in no time at all and you’ll actually thank her for the whiplash! Do it for your business. Do it to for your family. Do it for your peace of mind. Just do it… contact her.”

Dawn-Marie Hanrahan

I always turn to Casey Demchak when I need high-quality lead generation direct mail, video scripts, and persuasive e-blasts and web pages that get results. He is consistent, reliable and very easy to work with.

Greg Olson

Amber is not only the most motivated woman I have ever worked with but the most energetic,and focused person I have worked with. She can juggle so many projects at once and know the details of each one like no one I’ve ever known.

Jeff Rohrer

Amber has taught me so many things over the last several years. She knows what she is talking about. She is an incredibly smart individual. I chose her particular model and supporting materials out of thousands to make a go of my new role at this company (she had previously been there before my time). I had only a small frame of time to get some numbers up on the board that showed growth in not only in our individuals, but also in our teams operating as a unit. This can be GAME CHANGING to your LIFE and your BUSINESS. It sure helped me. Thanks Amber!

Julie Davis

Amber, I wanted to let you know, I took your advice and two weeks ago hosted my first in-person mastermind that I’ve done since 2012. I had 6 people there and their minds were blown and expanded. More importantly, I felt alive and more congruent with my purpose more than I have in a long time. I also, want you know I made $1775 from that event. So I got paid to listen to you. Thank you.

AJ Amyx

Amber is a very diligent person, easy to work with, very informative and was great suggestions and guidance to me as a novice author. I would recommend Amber without hesitation

Raewyn Weller

Amber is an amazing marketing/web coach and consultant. She under promised and over delivered for me each time, every time. She is a great combination of left brain/right brain intelligence which I believe, is needed for website implementation. She combined common sense strategy and creative enthusiasm with my website creation. She was a delight to work with and cannot say enough about her infectious enthusiasm, passion and expertise!

Leslee Serdar

“Amber is very knowledgeable and someone you can count on to get things done right with your online presence and business. I found her to be reliable, cost effective and savvy. This is not easy to find. She is a gem.”

Skyler Madison