Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer was, and still is, a God send to my business…and her process also helped me to grow and focus personally! She is exceptionally easy to work with and her interest in helping where you need it is very heartfelt. Add in her great expertise and professionalism and you couldn’t ask for a better partner for your business! I highly recommend her and will continue to work with her myself!

Joy Long

Amber is a tremendous talent! Intensely knowledgeable in her field, but approachable and a joy to work with. You won’t find a better person to work alongside!

John Chrisbens

Thank you SO much, Amber. You have been so wonderful to work with, and I appreciate everything you, Ashley and Keri have done for us! Headed to the site now… how exciting!

Jen Andino

Amber puts her heart and soul into her endeavors, the result being the delivery of products and services that far exceed her clients’ expectations. She not only “gets” my vision, she shares it and it shows on every page of the phenomenal website she developed for my Reconstructing Eve community.

Amber is also an outstanding business coach, especially for clients looking to build/grow their on-line presence. She’s one of very few trainers I know who can take complex topics, break them down into manageable bites, and present them in an easily digestable manner.

If you’re looking for a dynamic team-player who delivers superior results and an exceptional customer experience, Amber is the woman to hire. I highly recommend her and will personally be using her services again and again for my future projects!

Lisa Hilleren

Thank you so much for such an amazing and beautiful site! Love, Love, Love it!!! You all really created an A+++ site! I really appreciate your efforts and expertise. It has been so much fun and such a pleasure working with you all, and I plan on continuing this wonderful relationship! You all are the best!

Catherine Lucas

“It doesn’t seem possible that 8 short weeks ago, I had a product and a passion, but no platform, no presence, and no business plan. It’s because of all of you that I’m poised to move forward in what I know is my true purpose. You are amazing women; I am blessed to have you in my life and appreciate so very much your ongoing professional and personal support. I could not have done this without you—thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me, for lending your tremendous talent and expertise to this project, and above all, for being my friend.”


“You are so skilled, an excellent coach and were tip-top in customer service!! My Word Press website is beautiful! Thank you again. There is no way you can do anything other than succeed in your endeavors!”


I really appreciate all your help getting this launch done so fast for me!! It all looks great. You’ve all been terrific.

Susan Edelman

We are very happy with the site! Thank you for making our business look professional. I’m proud to tell people to go to my site. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You and your team made this a great experience, and I will tell people about how friendly and professional you are.

Lehman Riley

I am thrilled to be working with Amber and her team. I have experienced her as being very responsive and invested in my success. I love the way she structures the different parts of the process so that it comes in organized bite-size chunks and then guides you through the process. I feel confident that my needs are well understood and are in expert hands!

Ingrid Awerbuch