“Amber is like my best-kept-secret – every time I’m launching a new class or workshop she is my go-to-gal to getting all of my systems aligned and integrated. Her communication is impeccable and she takes care of things with ease. Highly recommend!”

Melissa Cassera

“Amber’s workshop taught me all about using social media, building a website and having content – it was an amazing experience. Amber is so professional at what she does. You will love her, learn from her…she has lots to offer.”

Jan Haas

I highly recommend Amber and her expertise… she sets herself apart from the rest and is a class act!

Janine Brolly

Darling Amber, Thank YOU so much for a wonderful call. It is so nice to talk to someone who gets me. You seriously rock. I LOVE working with you. Thank you for everything! P.S. You are my Fairy Godmother!

Kathy Wilson

Thanks so much Amber! I loved our [coaching] call. I found it very helpful that you differentiated long term vs. short term actions and gave me something I could do to get results now.

I also appreciated that you were straight with me. As coaches, sometimes we have to tell people things that aren’t easy to say (or hear). You say what needs to be said with a strong dose of common sense and love.

As a brand new entrepreneur, I also love it that your work is accessible to me financially. As much as I might want to sign up for a big package, I don’t feel that I’m in a position to do that right now. I’m very thankful to have found someone I can actually afford to work with who seriously knows what she’s talking about. You can bet I’ll be recommending you.

Renée Suzanne

Holy cow I just went to check my Facebook page for Quality Quilts and I LOVE what you and your team (esp Keri) have done. I sure picked the right person when I picked you to help me with all this. So blessed to have found you and your team.

Laura Winckel

Richard, you never cease to amaze me with your ability to tackle a wide variety of industries with informative and share-worthy blog posts and website pages. Your tenacity for digging in, researching, and conquering even the most challenging of industries does not go unappreciated! Now THAT’S how you do it!

Andrea Kalli

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working for Amber and have kept in touch with her for nearly 4 years. Amber is a true professional and is a person of high integrity. It is unusual that you find someone with the drive, ambition, passion for her career and strong desire to help people….all rolled into one amazing person. Amber, keep up the great job…you do great things for those that fortunate to work with you!”

Jim Minter

Amber, This is incredible. Your edits were great and writing is very engaging. If members actually read them, it’s very strong proof points to sign up. Exciting stuff. I would have never been able to develop that email sequence. You just killed it! Thanks so much.

Diego Gomez

Amber provided exceptional support and took the initiative to create an “out of the box” solution for an unexpected problem (that went beyond her responsibility) so we could meet our deadline.

Patti Waterbury