Casey Demchak is a one-in-a-million, great copywriter. In my 25+ years of working in advertising, I have met few writers who understand that it takes a real sales pitch to grab and hold an audience. Casey delivers comprehensive, engaging writing that sells in a variety of mediums. He’s a pleasure to work with and consistently comes through with strong, strategic and creative ideas.

Cathy Fletcher

“Amber is a solid leader and mentor, versed in many different fields. Her coaching techniques inspired increased sales from her team, and she always brought a high level of professionalism to everything she did. I would recommend her many times over.”

Zach Wolfel

I have known Amber for several years. She is personable, highly attentive to her work, great results & great integrity with all people

Ron Gollehon

This is EXACTLY why I pay you guys the big bucks! LOL! Thanks so much for all of your hard work on the membership site. It looks absolutely amazing! I AM SO EXCITED! I love you guys. And I mean that will all of my heart.

Kathy Wilson

“You are so skilled, an excellent coach and were tip-top in customer service!! My Word Press website is beautiful! Thank you again. There is no way you can do anything other than succeed in your endeavors!”


Amber provided exceptional support and took the initiative to create an “out of the box” solution for an unexpected problem (that went beyond her responsibility) so we could meet our deadline.

Patti Waterbury

I really appreciate all your help getting this launch done so fast for me!! It all looks great. You’ve all been terrific.

Susan Edelman

Amber is a total professional, very talented and on it all the time. She developed an amazing site for our firm that just keeps paying us dividends. I really enjoyed working with Amber as she is all about results and on top of her game.

Jonathan Colby

Amber is a tremendous talent! Intensely knowledgeable in her field, but approachable and a joy to work with. You won’t find a better person to work alongside!

John Chrisbens

Amber, This is incredible. Your edits were great and writing is very engaging. If members actually read them, it’s very strong proof points to sign up. Exciting stuff. I would have never been able to develop that email sequence. You just killed it! Thanks so much.

Diego Gomez