A Lesson in Leadership from Dr. Martin Luther King

Dr. Martin Luther King … That name stands for so much.

Fight for your dreams, stand up for what’s right, make your belief stronger than fear… SO much.

One lesson in leadership I really love that I think relates to business is to make your voice heard.

Dr. Martin Luther KingCan you even imagine if Dr. King had started to share his message, and no one seemed to care, so he just gave up?

Or if he had changed his message before really giving it a chance to be heard, hoping people would care or like him then?

Or if he had tried to act like the current leaders of his time because they must be doing it right if people listened to them?

Oh… Could you even imagine….

We must be different and stop thinking that will hurt us.

We must talk to a group of three people in a parking lot if that’s all who will listen.

We must have the fight if we want to move the needle, impact people and change the world.

Make today a day about getting your message out in a bigger way.

Today, stand up and be the leader in you that is bursting to get out.

Today, be heard.

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